Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA Materi Expressing Intention

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA Materi Expressing Intention 
Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris

Task 1:
Read aloud the following conversation. Take turns with your classmates doing the roles. Then, answer the questions following that. 

A. A long weekend is coming. Riri, Santi, and Bayu are talking about their holiday plans. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation of the dialog below.

Riri   : It will be a long weekend soon. Do you have any plans?
Santi : Uhm, I’m not sure. I don’t have any idea yet. I think I might stay at home.
Bayu : Stay at home? Well, you could do something more interesting!
Santi : So, what about you Bayu? Do you have any plans?
Bayu : Definitely! My dad and I are going to go fishing.
Santi : Fishing? Are you going to go fishing in the river near your  house?
Bayu : No. We plan to go fishing in a lake near my uncle’s house. Would you like to come with us?
Santi : Fishing? That sounds great. But I would rather stay at  home than go fishing.
Bayu : What about you, Riri? What would you like to do on the long weekend?
Riri   : I have made a plan with my mother about what to do on this long weekend. We are going to practice baking cookies.
Santi : That sounds like a very good plan!
Bayu : Are you going to bake choco chips cookies like the last time?
Riri    : Well, yes. That is my favorite. But we will also try to make ginger cookies.
Santi : Lucky you. Your mom is a real baker, isn’t she?
Bayu : Ha ha, ha. Do you still want to stay home alone?
Riri : Or, would you like to join me to learn baking cookies? You can come to my house.
Bayu : It’s a good idea! Or will you go fishing with me and my dad?
Santi : I think I would like to bake cookies with Riri. Thanks for  inviting me, Riri.
Riri : No problem. I will tell you the time on Friday.
Santi : Thanks a lot. I can’t wait to join you.
Bayu : Have a nice long weekend, everyone.
Riri, Santi : You too. 

B. Answer the comprehension questions below based on the dialog.
1. What are Bayu, Riri, and Santi discussing?
2. Who already have the plan for the weekend?
3. What are their plans?
4. Who doesn’t have the plan? What does s/he finally decide to do on weekend?
5. What do the sentences typed in bold express?
6. When do people use those expressions?

Task 2:
Later, Riri, Bayu, and Santi talk again about the plan. This time they want to do something together. Continue the conversation based on the given hint.
Riri    : Let’s do something together this long weekend.
Santi  : It’s a great idea! What about ____________________________?
Bayu  : Or we could ____________________________________________?
Riri    : _________________________________________________________
Santi  : _________________________________________________________
Bayu : _________________________________________________________
Riri : We will _________________________________________________
Santi : _________________________________________________________
Bayu : I would rather ___________________________________________
Riri : _________________________________________________________
Santi : _________________________________________________________
Bayu : _________________________________________________________
Riri : _________________________________________________________
Santi : So, we are going to ______________________________________
Bayu : _________________________________________________________

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