Science Grade 5 State of Matter Quiz

Science Grade 5 State of Matter Quiz

A. Circle the correct answer!
1. what is sublimation?
A. A substance used in a chemical reaction.
B.The process by which particles leave a liquid and become a gas.
C. The process by which solid changes directly into a gas
D. A substance made by a chemical reaction

2. All of the following are phases (states) of matter EXCEPT...
A solid    B liquid
C gas    D Plasma

3. Matter changing from a solid to a liquid is called...
A evaporation    B sublimation
C deposition    D melting

4. Which of the following is NOT a way that matter changes phase?
A melting    B freezing
C evaporation    D mixing

5. The boiling point of water is..
A 0°C    B 100°C
C 32°C    D 60°C

6. What is humidity?
A. the process whereby liquid changes into a gas
B. the amount of water vapor the air contains
C. anything that has mass and occupies space
D. the process where a gas changes to a liquid

7. What is the difference between boiling and evaporation
A. Evaporation takes place at a fixed temperature (at its boiling point)
B. Boiling takes place all the time
C. Evaporation occurs on the surface of the liquid only
D. Boiling is very slow

B. Unscramble the letters to reveal the word!

B-L-I-M-I-O-N-T-U-S-A    =                        

R-T-A-I-O-N-P-O-V-A-E    =                       

R-U-T-E-P-E-T-E-M-A-R    =                       

D-I-N-W                              =                       

L-G-N-I-O-B-I                    =                   

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